The updated version of the AC30, this new tube amp features a 1 X 12 Celestion speaker, effects loop, and weighs lighter than its predecessor.


The controls are simple and classy, with a handy digital reverb.


Definitely worth looking if you’re looking for the classic 60s sound.

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*photos from Vox


Fender Ltd Ed Troublemaker Tele

Fender has officially announced Ltd Ed Troublemaker Tele.


The fourth release from the Parallel Universe series features bound maple top on a mahogany body, rounded off with Gibson-ish dual humbucker, stop tail and 4 knob controls.


The big headstock and Cabronita pickguard completes the total mish-mash look and feel of the guitar.


Both the Ice Blue Metallic and Ice Tea Burst look really good and should please players who are into Telecasters loaded with humbuckers.

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*photos from Fender