Maroon 5 F1 Concert Sep 19 Saturday

Last minute decision to soak in the amazing atmosphere and high energy show.


I was at the 2012 edition so I had high expectations this round. And Adam Levine didn’t disappoint! This guy is right up there with the greatest frontmen.


The band played to a packed crowd at the Padang and whipped out hit after hit. I feel so old because many attractive female fans in the crowd brought their children along.:)

James “less is more” Valentine played mostly Teles but switched to a hollow LP style for one or two songs.


Of course the show snatcher had to strap on his Ibanez for two songs. He played bare body for the last song too.


Overall a great experience. SG is so beautiful! I’m super proud. Kudos to the geniuses who planned for a makeshift track around the city’s famous sights.


*apologies for the screen shots off the stage screen. I’m a scrooge and could only afford cheap tickets.


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