Tommy Emmanuel back in SG


He’s back for a one night concert this October 31 at the durians!

Excellent player and definitely deserves more credit for what he’s done. It’s a pity not many of his concert videos are on Youtube. That would probably triple his fan base.

While I’m not usually a fan of worn out guitars, I’d have to admit this guy looks uber cool with his tattered and torn Matons. 🙂

The Maton TE series feature a dreadnought and a smaller body guitar. Both are beauties loaded with stage ready electronics.


It is unlikely that any owners will try replicating the worn out look on these woods.


Matons are not so common in SG due to their positioning. Most Matons are not exactly affordable. When intermediate or advanced players go searching for a upgrade, they tend to look at the “safer bets” such as Martin and Taylor.

Slash played a TE dread in this concert and it sounds damn bloody good!

I think it would be a dream if Maton will produce a more entry level guitar without the electronics. Perhaps more players will try out the brand when it’s within reach.

*photos from Premierguitar and Maton websites


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