Obey Squiers


Not so long ago, Squier rolled out 4 guitars with Obey graphics.Not sure if the graphics were indeed done by Shepard Fairey (founder of Obey) himself, but these guitars sure were pretty to look at.



The Indonesian made series featured 2 Strats and 2 Teles with agathis body, HSS configuration with Duncan Designed humbuckers.


I love the fact that these guitars have no pickguards and huge Strat headstocks.


While not a big fan of the distressed hardware found here (the input jack, tuners and bridge were heavily oxidised from factory), I must say that overall these guitars are interesting and worth a look especially if bought at a good price. I believe the last Strat and Tele are going for $400 each at Swee Lee as this blog is being typed.

Here’s a video review.

upscale cousins

It’s even more interesting to know that a Shepard Fairey artwork Tele is going for about $15000 at the same local guitar store.



Other Shepard Fairey artwork guitars are known to sell for US$17000 on overseas forums.



I happen to miss out on a deal on an Obey Collage Strat recently due to my reluctance to part with an extra $30. I’d admit I’m a terrible miser and has since kicked myself many times for missing the deal.


Let’s see if a used one comes along in future. 🙂


*photos from strat-talk forum, tpdri, offset guitars and schoolguitar.co.kr

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