Hey little guy!

Been wanting to get a parlour for a while. It’s never easy to find a good and affordable parlour here in SG because its shape would mean that it is slow in moving off the shelves. Most retailers would rather concentrate on best selling models that typically mean the dreads and OMs.

Luckily I found some guy on the local classifieds who seemed to be clearing inventory and brought this home almost immediately after seeing the Advert.


It’s a 14 fret parlour that says J&D Guitars on its headstock. I must admit it’s just another China mass made guitar. But hey, it does have interesting features. Solid spruce top with laminated rosewood b/s are nothing to laugh about. Besides, it cost only a fraction of the similarly spec-ed Alvarez AP70.

First impressions were not too bad. Guitar is reasonably well made for its price. It has a wood rosette, Kluson style tuners and plastic cream binding (I’m not liking this). One thing I do like a lot is the usual (to me) paddle headstock. I dislike the slotted headstock on both the aesthetic and practicality aspects.

Here it is next to my favourite Alvarez dreadnought.


As you can see it isn’t exactly the smallest parlour, but the difference in size is very visible. Tonewise, it sounds rather tight out of the box and mids are a little muddy. I guess you get what you pay for. No one is complaining about a $135 guitar brand new with solid top.

Action is surprisingly acceptable for an unknown brand guitar. In fact it is at the Martin standard of 1/8 inch.

Let’s give it a Guitarbear pampering workout. 🙂

Checked nut height and it seems OK.

Neck relief is just a hair under 0.3mm (I use a set of cheap feeler gauge) and I reckon this is OK for a parlour that isn’t likely to be used for heavy strumming.

Took off stock strings, gave some pencil lead over the nut slots. The nut looks like it is made of bone. Definitely not plastic.


Next step is oiling the fingerboard and bridge. My little boy Wombat came out to check if the lemon oil has soaked in. 🙂


I can’t be sure what the saddle is made of. It doesn’t look like those cheap plastic ones with mould lines. Well, I dropped in a bone saddle anyway.

Of course, those cheap white plastic pins will head to the bin. 🙂 I put in a set of ebony pins. Dark pins rock!

Put on my favourite Elixirs and tuned up. Then the big boy Bumbu came out to see what’s happening. The kids like this small guitar.


Action is now 7/64 inch. But I went ahead to lower it to 3/32 since I won’t be doing hard strumming on it. Final tune up again and bingo, this little guitar is doing great!

Gave it a good polish and I’m really happy with this one.


I assure you the back is sexier than shown here. Sorry it is night and I’m using my iPhone camera. I actually like the grains even if this is just laminate rosewood.


Can’t stop doodling on it. 🙂


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