Maestro Experience 31 Oct

Seems like there is a trend by guitar manufacturers to hold such events. We’ve just had the Martin Experience and the launch of LAMB guitars recently.

Happy to see Maestro doing so well.

Event is on 31 Oct, 5pm to 630pm at their Esplanade boutique.


Guitarbear is a supporter of local brands and has briefly owned a guitar and a uke from Maestro. They are nicely built guitars with some interesting tonewoods (especially higher models) such as mango or purple heart.

The problem here in SG is, not many people dare to venture out from the “usual established” brands. It’s the same with almost everything – cars, watches, electronics. Buyers tend to stick to the familiar brands, fearing big depreciation if they purchase a lesser known brand.

I personally took a bath when I tried to sell my limited edition Maestro guitar earlier this year. What’s supposedly only 5 pieces made took a long and hard time to sell.

The lowest-end Martin could sell within an hour with minimal loss. Crazy world indeed.

*photo from Maestro Guitars Facebook


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