Epiphone LE 100th Anniversary Les Paul

Gorgeous new release from Epiphone. It’s been a while since I recall such beautiful looking Epi Les Pauls.


From elaborate inlays, premium machine heads to dazzling gold plated hardware, no stone is left unturned in the making of these guitars.


The cherry model features a mahogany cap on a mahogany body while the natural finish model has a flame maple cap on a mahogany body. Both are mouth watering guitars indeed. I love the grains on these bad boys.


The LE Les Paul Custom carry dual gold plated Burstbuckers with coil split, premium Grover tuners and a host of other bling features such as gemstone inlays and gold truss rod cover.

Comes with a hardcase too.


Street price is US$799, well into entry Gibsons’ territory. But I must admit this Epi does have some “zing” to it, even if it is Asian made.

Looking forward to seeing it the flesh if/when it arrives in SG.

*photos from Epiphone official website


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