Fender Limited Edition Longboard Strat

Not exactly the latest news, the Longboard Stratocaster was announced earlier this year as part of the 2015 Limited Edition series.


Inspired by surfboards (hence the name Longboard) and Fender’s Californian roots, this thing is a real beauty.

Natural finished guitars always capture my attention. This beautiful strat body is made up of mahogany, maple, walnut, ash and rosewood – all woods that have been associated (rosewood and maple lesser extent) with making strat bodies. The entire guitar is done up with a hand rubbed oil finish. Sweet!

Yes, those lines along the centre are not inlaid or burnt in. They are actual pieces of wood glued together. No prizes for correctly guessing which wood is which. 🙂


There are plenty of unusual elements in this guitar. It is rear-routed, hardtailed and has no pickguard. Not the stuffs traditionalists may want, but the kind of stuff that make Guitarbear drool.

HSS pickup configuration gives plenty of versatility to this beauty.



Flashy rear view exposing the wiring. The clear cover here reminds one of Italian sportscars showing off their V engines. 🙂


Street price is around US$1.6k, if you can find one.

It’s sibling, the equally good looking Shortboard Mustang, will be available soon in early December. Loving the P90s here.


*photos from Fender.com, guitarplayer.com and bax-shop.nl

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