Martin 00-15e Retro

Something closer to home. The 00-15e Retro is now instock at Citymusic.


Following the recent trend of smaller bodies AND shaded finish, the 00-15e should be a hot seller. Let’s take a “closer look” on the details.


The 00-15e Retro sports an all-mahogany body in a smaller sized body and shorter 24.9 inch scale. It has a 1.75 inch nut that is preferred by fingerstyle players.

It is also worth noting that the bridge and fretboard for this baby is solid ebony and not richlite.


Comes with Fishman F1 Aura+ electronics. All good components for a guitar.

Street price is $2745 after discount at Citymusic. A good price for a piece that’s all wood and loaded with a good pickup system.

*pictures from Citymusic FB and Martin website.

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