Taylor 2015 Limited Florentine

This beautiful trio form the 2015 Limited Florentine Series.


As seen from the name, they have the more unusual florentine cutaway. I’m not too sure if having a sharp cutaway improves the tone or playability, but it sure looks cool.

The series has spruce backed with exotic and beautifully grained woods. The 714ce S (sassafras), 514ce QS (quilted sapele) and the 514 FM (flamed mahogany) also sport special features such Gotoh 510 tuners, wood and abalone inlays and wood rosette. All fantastic add-ons from the production guitars.


714ce S LTD

The star of the trio for me has to be the 714ce S. The crazy grains on the sassafras are just mind-boggling.


The sap wood is simply beautiful on the sassafras.


More shots of the gorgeous grains. This thing is evil!


Video review from Musician’s Friend.

514ce QS LTD

The QS stands for quilted sapele. Normally associated with entry guitars, sapele now becomes exotic by virtue of the beautiful grains seen here.


Although billed as 514, this guitar has the same appointments as the 714ce S LTD  save for the tonewood.


514ce FM LTD

The last member of this elite trio is the 514ce FM. Flame mahogany is the back and side wood chosen for this bad boy.


This has to be the least flamboyant of the trio. But never ever discount the power and tone of spruce/mahogany combos on acoustic guitars. Guitarbear has found that it is always this combo that kicks butt even when compared to more exotic woods.

In fact, I seriously cannot hear much difference between these three from the video reviews (all by Musician’s Friend). And yes, I do have good speakers here with me.

A look at the Gotoh 510s. These are great stuffs not commonly found below the 900 series.


The 2015 Florentine Limiteds retail at US$3898. I would say this represents good value for so much guitar. The florentine cutaway, beautiful woods and appointments are well worth the asking price. A pity the last check with a local authorised Taylor dealer churned out a simple “No, we don’t have this” for an answer.

The 714 sassafras has captured Guitarbear’s soul indefinitely.

*photos from Taylor, GAK, Musiczoo, Musicvilla and Acoustic Letter.



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