Hello Woody

This one arrived earlier in the week from Shandong China. Nicely cased in styrofoam and taped up like a mummy.


Meet Woody.


I’ve always wanted a single pickup single volume guitar in natural finish. So I managed to contact a guitar factory to make one according to my preference. Nothing fantastic or luxurious here. Just a string-thru Strat style, basswood body, fixed bridge and maple neck with skunk stripe.


The round control cover is interesting.

Overall a nice guitar. I am glad I went with basswood because it is so light. I also requested for a no logo headstock to complete the clean simple look.


Obviously when you pay US$215 for a custom built guitar shipped express to your door, you got to put up with things like imperfect finish, badly cut nut and mediocre pickups. The nut and pickup can be replaced easily so no problems here at all.


Most likely bringing it to someone to do a setup and pickup replacement soon.

Here’s Woody next to Choco. Both simple, almost bare wood, no pickguard guitars.


I know there’re plenty of wood snobs out there, but I like the grains on the humble basswood.


The kids like it too.


These little pieces of wood, pure joy.


But I still can’t play guitar for nuts!






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