Epiphone AJ220S setup

Had a chance to work on an entry level Epiphone AJ220S last week.


This is Epiphone’s entry level solid top with laminate mahogany back and sides. The shape is called advanced jumbo, hence the model name AJ220S. Looks pretty much like a slope shoulder dreadnought to me. The headstock is a bit longer than others and not so pleasing to Guitarbear’s eyes. 🙂

Back and sides are laminated mahogany with cream binding all around the body and fingerboard.


True to guitar forums and YouTube reviews, this guitar sounds pretty good for its price (just over $200 from Swee Lee).

Let’s give it a Bearclaw Special.

Fingerboard cleaning and nourishing. 

Kuma was here to oversee the work. Frets were a little tarnished and I gave them some rubbing with 0000 grade steel wool.


Overall body cleaning and shine

This guitar has a nice and thick pickguard with a metallic Epiphone logo. Rather cool looking.


The guitar had some buzzing so I added some relief to the neck. It is interesting to find this.


The truss rod cover is merely cosmetic. After removing it, it’s just… nothing!


Truss rod is actually adjusted via sound hole access. I adjusted to just under 0.3mm because I strum very hard.

Final tune up and we’re good to go.



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