More new Martins for 2016

Fresh news from NAMM 2016, Martin launches new models to expand their various guitar lines.


The main changes include new guitars with cutaways and the new Fishman Aura VT Enhanced pickup.

The all mahogany 15 series get cutaways and the new pickups in both the dreadnought (DC-15ME) and the (OMC-15ME) models.


I’ve always liked the 15 series because they are all wood guitars, unlike the 16 series that use richlite for fretboard and bridge.

The standard 18 and 28 series also get the same additions of cutaways and new pickup on many models including the DC-18E, DC-28E and DC-35E. It is interesting to see that Martin has now added the Grand Performance shape to it’s standard series.


Seen as Martin’s answer to Taylor’s GA shape, the GPC shape was previously found only in Mexican made lines such as the the Road series. Now it seems Martin want to win fans who prefer something curvier and more comfortable.


Still following the trend of producing smaller, more vintage style guitars, Martin has also introduced the 00-17 in the 17 series. These parlour sized guitars features mainly sunburst finished guitars and it’s not surprising that the new entries come in exciting finishes such as Whisky Sunset and Black Smoke.


Guitarbear is pleased to see that the new parlour guitars come with “regular” headstocks rather than the slotted variants. 🙂

Would be exciting to see the new arrivals at Citymusic when they hit SG.

*photos from Music Radar and Gear4Music


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