Yamaha FG800 and FS800 Series

Old news from NAMM 2016. Yamaha has launched the 800 series to replace the long-serving 700 series acoustic guitars.


While the solid top FG700, FG720 and FG730 guitars captured fans as read on internet forums and reviews, Yamaha has kept the same formula and added new bracing, new colours and the addition (for the first time) of a solid mahogany top guitar to the range.


L to R:  front view FG850, front view FG840, back view FG840

The FG850 is the first mahogany top guitar from Yamaha and should be a hit if its quality is in line with the outgoing FG700 series. The spruce top FG840 with its maple back and sides seems like another interesting guitar.

The limited edition FG180 Reissue sits on top of the new acoustic series and it will be no surprise to see these guitars gaining legions of fans like their FG700 series.

Read the official release from Yamaha USA. 



Read about the FG180 here.



*Photos from Yamaha USA


Yamaha FG180 50th Anniversary

Yamaha launched the FG180 50th Anniversary Reissue during NAMM 2016.


The FG180 50th Reissue is a homage to the very first acoustic guitar that Yamaha made way back in 1966. While it looks almost identical to the original, the FG180 2016 has plenty of premium appointments.



In place of all laminate construction, the reissue has a solid spruce top with ARE treatment, solid mahogany back and sides, wood bindings and comes with hardcase as standard.


The headstock design and prints stay true to its roots with the simple fonts and truss rod adjustments done at headstock. The guitar also has open geared tuners.

Street price is under US$900 at the time of this blog post.

*photos from Ishibashi Music, j-guitar.com and Yamaha Europe