Caramel Ukulele

This came in earlier in the week.


Quick unboxing to show off this all solid concert uke.


Solid spruce top and solid mahogany back/sides are my favourites for guitars and ukes. The wood combination makes loud, bright and powerful instruments.


Workmanship isn’t too bad for US$70 shipped via EMS from China to my door within a week. 🙂 It’s not perfect, but hey, it’s US$70 for a full solid! 


Nice closed tuners, bone nut and saddle, engraved floral rosette, wood bindings and Aquila strings round up the package. Guitarbear reckons this is a really good price for such a uke.


Gave it a good tune up and tried. The concert sounds clear and sweet. Definitely much better than some of the laminates I have played. I am particularly impressed by the well-cut nut and great setup out of the box.

Here it is next to my No.1 uke Blackie.



Here is a link to Caramel Ukes. I have no relations to them, but it’s always good to know you can find decent ukes for sensible prices.



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