Epiphone Goodness

New gorgeous guitars freshly announced just this morning. 🙂 Epiphone has introduced new colours and “re-issues” of old favourites.

The Limited Edition Blue Royale Collection


With a bright new cheery paintwork, the Blue Royale collection brings the Chicago Pearl Blue colour to their popular guitar models. The Blue Royale series features the Les Paul, Wildkat, Emperor Swingster, Riviera Custom and two bass guitars, all dressed in blue.


Appointments include silver sparkle binding, Gibson USA pickups (in some models) and Grover tuners.


This is arguably the “biggest” of the Royale series, with a total of 6 guitars/basses donning the new blue coat.


Would be nice if finances and space allow for the whole collection to be brought home.


The Ltd Ed ES-295 Premium

Guitarbear paid great attention to this “re-issue” of a fan favourite.


The ES-295 was discontinued a few years back after a limited run and now, fans who previously missed out can now lay their hands on the latest re-issue.


Epiphone has in fact released the ES-295 Premium in three colours. There is the original gold top that Scotty Moore used, the cherry, and the new walnut finish.


With the distinct Florentine cutaway, floral pickguard, parallelogram fretboard inlays and Bigsby vibrato, this guitar easily stands out from the myriad of arch-tops such as the ever popular 335 and Gretsch guitars.


The ES-295 together with its simpler sibling, ES-175 are billed as the bona-fide rockabilly guitars, the birth of rock & roll.


The main drawback here, as with most Epis, is the overly long headstock.

The Ltd Ed Wildkat Studio

This Wildkat Studio looks like a “re-issue” because this new model is essentially the discontinued Alleykat loaded with twin P90s. Or this could be billed as a simpler Wildkat without the bigsby. Either way, these are really attractive rockabilly machines.


Some years ago, the Wildkat and Alleykat were production models in the Epiphone catalogue. The Wildkat features two dogeared P90s and Bigsby tail while the Alleykat comes with a neck minihumbucker and stoptail.


Here’s a look at the discontinued Alleykat.

Cherry Sunburstaleykat

Fans who yearn for a re-release of the Alleykat can now rejoice even though this one has two P90s. There are three beautiful colours to choose from, and Guitarbear feels these look much better than the Alleykat colours.


Read more about the Kat series Epis here.


*photos from Epiphone and iconsmusic.blogspot.com


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