aNueNue Bird Guitar

Nice little guitars by aNueNue, who are more well-known for making ukuleles.


The Bird series probably got its name from the company logo which is supposedly a birdman or flying man sort of character.


Name and logo aside, these travel guitars look really nice with its offset soundhole that reminds me of the super expensive McPherson Guitars.


The Bird Series come in two major product lines – the 30 inch nylon string (S Series) and the 36 inch steel string (M Series) guitars.

The S Feather Bird is a solid spruce top classical guitar with mahogany b/s. Featuring a 48mm nut and option of Fishman Sonitone pickup, it can be found at Ukulele Movement at $369.


The M series has more models with various choices of full laminate, solid top and full solid instruments. These also come with options for pickups.

Pictured here is the full solid M Fly Bird series featuring mahogany or rosewood bodies with spruce tops.


Luxurious appointments include spalted maple rosettes and ebony fretboard/bridge for the rosewood model.

The M Feather Bird Series feature solid tops and has the option of a solid mahogany top.


The steel string string guitars have a 43mm nut and comes with a nice gig bag.


There are also good looking linen straps from aNueNue to go along with these guitars.


Guitarbear wonders if the steel string guitars will reach SG. These should be a nice addition to the travel guitar collection.


*Photos from aNueNue and


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