Special Edition Amps (Colours Colours Colours)

Came across some limited edition colours for these popular amps.

Vox Classic Red series


Perfect for the Chinese New Year (that’s happening tomorrow), Vox has the Classic Red series launched last year. Fun colours to add to the standard black or blue amps.


The AC4 and Pathfinder 10 (both pictured above) carry a lil’ bit of premium over the regular series so Guitarbear reckons it’s not too bad if you dig the supposedly auspicious colour. 🙂


Vox Pathfinder 10 Union Jack


The small and affordable Pathfinder 10 gets the grille done up in the familiar Union Jack colours. Usually going for under $100 at the annual sale, these are fun and good practice amps.


Blackstar Fly 3 Union Jack Special Edition


This great little amp has already had three previous limited edition colours. The cream, red and green were added not so long ago, and now we have this Union Jack version. Looks really cool in this new dress. I should really mention that the Fly 3 is so portable that it fits in my palm. 🙂


Vox Tan Bronco series


The Tan Bronco special editions brings an ol’ skool vibe to the ever popular models such as the AC10 shown above.

Also comes in AC4C1 and AC15 versions.


Again, these can be bought with a small premium over the regular colours.

*photos from Vox and Blackstar



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