Gibson Les Paul BFG

About ten years ago, Gibson had this model in its catalogue.


This somewhat special looking Les Paul starts with a maple top with the distinct alligator scale look and distressed hardware, shown above in trans gold, trans black and trans red finishes.


Gator green finish shown above.

Look closer and one will find even more design features that are different from traditional LP designs. First, it has only three wooden knobs (2 volume 1 tone). Next, the pickup selector goes near the knobs unlike usual LPs. Lastly, there is a kill switch located at where the LP pickup switch normally goes.


The BFG is special even when you look at its back. Here we see a transparent electronics cover. All very interesting features that give this model a very stripped down and raw appeal. All the knobs and switch have no rings or washers. Just bare and naked loook. Totally in line with what Guitarbear would love. 🙂

Pickups on this bad boy are again unusual. The neck has a P90 and the bridge has a Burstbucker. It’s a bit like best of both worlds if you’re torn between a HB or P90 Les Paul. Just get the BFG and you can have both sounds. How nice.


Some variations include the Gary Moore BFG in lemonburst finish.


And there’s also the BFG with tremolo featuring a Schaller tremolo.


See the official video from Gibson.

Or a video from WildWood Guitars with Greg Koch.

These guitars pop up at the local guitar sales corner from time to to time, averaging around $700 – $800. Not a bad price for something special.

*photos from Gibson and




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