Installing JJB Prestige 220 on Little Martin LXB

Worked on this Little Martin Black last week. The owner wanted to install a good value for money pickup on his guitar so I guess it’s a good choice to go with the JJB Prestige 220.


Note that this entry is not a detailed walk-through or tutorial. For that, please refer to this post:


The LXB already has a plastic endpin so I wrapped a towel around it and used a plier to remove it.


Test the pickup by plugging it into the amp and tap at the transducers. If there is sound coming from the amp, it’s working.

Drill a 12mm hole for end jack

Remember to use tape to prevent chips, scratches or cracks.


Nice and smooth.


Installing the end jack

I used a thin cable with 1/4 inch jack as a “fishing line”. Insert through the base and exit at the sound hole, where you plug it into the pickup. (Photos here are from another installation)



Pull out carefully and guide the end jack into position. This requires some patience. Also make sure that the adjustment is made for the thickness of the base to ensure correct amount of thread exposed.

Fasten the nut and end piece using a plier. Be careful not to use too much force here.


Mounting the transducers

The Prestige 220 has two transducers since it is used on smaller guitars. Make a jig from a hard cardboard.


Cut out the desired size and poke through the bridge pin holes using a wood toothpick. Remember to use wooden ones to avoid damaging the bridge. Mark out the saddle line and make two crosses for the positions of the transducers.


Clean the shiny surface of the transducers with lighter fluid and place some Blu-Tack at the back so that you can fix the transducers at the correct positions marked.


I used two bridge pins both the two E slots as anchors. Practise many rounds to ensure you get a good sensing of where your hand will move during the actual process. Once you’re confident, put some gel superglue on the shiny side and mount the transducers through the sound hole.

If you see this, it means the transducers are definitely in the right places.


Clean up and maintenance

I gave the LXB the Bearclaw Special. Frets were lightly polished with super high grade sandpaper with no contact made on the richlite fretboard. I also cleaned up the fretboard and bridge with mild soap.


Installed new Elixirs and tuned up. Latte says “OK!”.


If you need a more detailed tutorial on JJB Pickups installation, see this post.

See more JJB Electronics products here.


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