Madonna Live in SG 28 Feb

She finally came to SG on Sunday.


While it’s quite a misnomer to use the word “live” to describe any Madonna concert, I reckon she’s still one of those you have to watch “live” while you’re able to.


The majestic pop icon actually strapped on an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar and a uke at various parts of the show. How about that for entertainment? While her instrument playing level isn’t the whole point of her concert, Guitarbear salutes her effort.


I actually like her speaking voice. It’s really good for someone pushing 60. None of the hoarseness we usually hear.

Old hits such as Like A Virgin and Material Girl were given new arrangements in various segments of the show and she ended her concert with Holiday at the encore. Guitarbear was somewhat disappointed she didn’t play Vogue. Nonetheless, I simply had to get up and dance along during Holiday. 🙂


I am glad to have watched her. Thank you Madonna.

*Photos from Jimmy Wong who could afford really expensive tickets. Those are cool photos. He probably owns an expensive camera. Thanks Jimmy.

*Poor beggar Guitarbear could only afford tickets that gave “wide angle” view. What a cheapo. Haa.



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