Veelah ToGo Mahogany mini setup

Bought this one off Carousell last month but didn’t really have much time to play it. The Veelah ToGo series is very popular in SG these days thanks to the travel/baby guitar trend started by Ed Sheeran.


At $199 with a nice gig bag, it is billed as the poor man’s Baby Taylor. The ToGo Mahogany as its name suggests, sports a solid mahogany top, laminated b/s with rosewood fret and bridge. It’s got an arched back which definitely adds some volume coming out from this little guitar.


Dimensions should be identical to the Baby Taylor. 34 inch over all length and 22.5 inch scale. This guitar came to me used and string with really light gauge strings. I’m suspecting it’s 10-47. So let’s do some adjustments.


I did a quick check on the neck and feel that there is too much relief. Time to straighten the neck a lil’. This guitar actually has a nice wood truss rod cover. Not bad.


I gave it a half turn on the nut to reduce the up bow.


Sanded the saddle a little too and put on some brass bridge pins. Fresh strings of course. This time it’s 12-53 which is my default favourite.


Action is now 3/64 inch at 12th fret capo at 1st. Nice and low.


Sounds pretty decent. Kuma is happy with it. 🙂



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