Ibanez new mini acoustics

Ibanez have rather quietly launched some new mini guitars in the acoustic range.



The EWP14WB is a new series called the piccolo guitar. Seems like a guilele with steel strings. Tuning is also similar to guilele in AECGDA.


The all ovangkol laminate construction gives a nice striking grain and colour to the guitar. Like some ukes in Ibanez’s range, the EWP14 has Florentine cutaway that gives the instrument a touch of class.

See official site:




Not sure when this was launched, but the AW54mini has quietly appeared in the catalogue over at Ibanez’s website. At the time of this blog entry, the guitar is selling for $349 ar Swee Lee.


With a 22.5 inch scale, this should be another contender in the “baby” size guitars that has become so popular in the last few years.


Group shot to show the AW54mini’s size against the rest from the Artwood Series. The mini is of course second from left. 

Sporting a solid mahogany top with laminate mahogany b/s, this is a straight rival to the Baby Taylor Mahogany. But the price (about $350) may not be in its favour.

See official site:


*Photos from Ibanez, The Fellowship of Acoustics and nihon-meisho.com



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