Cort M200 refurbish

Brought in an old Cort for refurbishing. The M200 is an all mahogany (body and neck) guitar with simple layout and switches. Guitarbear loves natural look guitars so it was fun to bring this one back to a better condition.


The Cort M series has similar design cues as PRS guitars and the M200 is the entry level Indonesian made model. It comes with a 24.75 inch scale like Gibsons and fitted with two ceramic humbuckers.


While the over all condition is still very good (no dings no scratches), the hardware is all tarnished. No problems, Guitar Nomad One works well here.


See the difference?


Okay, it’s all shiny now. Body also cleaned up and free from dust and gunk.


Miffy waits for the lemon oil to dry up. I gave the fretboard a good clean up and nourishing with lemon oil and 0000 steel wool.


Did I mention the guitar had only 5 strings when it came? I put in a new set of Martin Darcos. Edward is happy that another guitar is rescued. 🙂



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