Takamine The Peak 2013 Limited Editions

Sometime in 2013, Takamine released a pair of very special looking parlours in their New Yorker size.


Both versions are New Yorker sized parlours (essentially 12th fret parlours) with beautiful inlays of a mountain climber.


The Peak SE 2013 features all exotic woods – solid bearclaw spruce top and solid flamed koa b/s. Only 51 pieces of this model is made and it retailed about US$5k.


More mind-boggling details such as flame maple binding and spalted maple/cocobolo rosette round off the premium tonewood selections. It also has a more discreet pickup without any cutouts for battery or preamp.



The relatively simpler stablemate The Peak 2013 still has all solid construction. This time it has solid sitka spruce top with solid sapele b/s.



Although somewhat less luxurious than the SE version, it still has nice abalone rosette and dark wood purfling. Of course the mountain climber inlays are still on the rosewood fingerboard. Again, the inlays are not as extravagant on this “simpler” model.


This one comes with the CT4B II onboard preamp, which in my opinion, kinda spoils the overall looks of the guitar. Well, apparently there are performers who prefer such a pickup configuration so Takamine should be doing this right. 🙂


The Peak Limited Editions both feature 1.75 inch nut width and ivoroid tuner buttons.



This might just be the dream parlour guitar to own. Maybe one day Guitarbear will have the courage to ask the staff at Davis Guitar how much the Koa SE at their window display costs. 🙂

*photos from Takamine, Takamine Forum, portalgitarowy.pl, Arabasta Music Japan, Mundobends.com.br and Key Music.


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