Taylor 400 Series Spring 2016 LTD 410e-R & 412e-R

This limited edition sees the usual Spruce Top/Ovangkol Body 400 series getting a nice “upgrade” to Indian Rosewood b/s.


The 410e-R LTD is the dread which has more or less the same construction as a regular 410 apart from the Rosewood back and sides.


Here you can see the straight and tight grains on the rosewood.


The 412e-R LTD is the regular Grand Concert shaped 412 with the usually more expensive rosewood body.


Many YouTube reviewers have been billing this limited edition as a “free upgrade” to the 800 series at a lower price point. Fair comment since the wood selections here are the same as the 800 line. In fact, the retail prices listed on Taylor’s website actually shows this limited model as cheaper than a regular Ovangkol 400 series. (Regular Ovangkol US$2658 VS LTD rosewood US$2398).


Guitarbear reckons the 400 series will get a revamp soon since many Taylor models have been given re-voicing in recent years. Those white bindings seen here are just “not so pretty”. 🙂

See official Taylor website.



*photos from Taylor and theguitarsanctuary.com


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