LAG new models – 300, 90 and 70 series

LAG Guitars have quietly launched some new and interesting guitars at NAMM 2016.


T300 Series


The T300 returns to the catalogue but this time, it sports an Ovangkol body. The grains seen here are beautiful following the T500 Rosewood and Limited Snakewood in recent years.


Comes in Dreadnought and Auditorium shapes. Guitarbear has always been curious how different is their Auditorium to other brands’ OM or 000.

T90 Series


This is the first time LAG has a mahogany top in their range. Again nice grains all over.



The star of the series is undoubtedly the parlour T90PE. Another first for LAG here, as they introduce a parlour into their range. Too bad the preamp spoils the look here.

T70 Series


It seems like the T70 series have replaced the T66 series as the entry level guitar. Main difference (and big one too) is that the T70 has a solid top as opposed to the T66 which is all laminate. There is no binding unlike its siblings and the finish is a matte open-pore.


While basic and less blingy compared to higher series, the T70 should be good for beginners.

*photos from LAG Guitars



4 thoughts on “LAG new models – 300, 90 and 70 series

  1. Sounds great. Perhaps I should write about those too. Seems like they were before the Tramontane era. how about sending some photos? Congrats!


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