Little Martin Ed Sheeran X Signature Setup

Did a setup on this Little Martin Ed Sheeran X Signature LTD this week. This model has been selling very well and even resale value has been stellar.


Really nice looking Koa HPL body. I think with the combined HPL body, stratabond neck and electronics, the guitar is rather heavy for a baby sized instrument.


Build is quite decent. Again nice grains on the stratabond neck. Martin has listed the neck material as Rust Birch Laminate.


What sets this apart from the regular LX1E are many features such as the black hardware, special inlays of the “multiply” logo, special headstock prints and the Koa inlay on the top.



On to the setup. I took off the strings that were totally dead.

Time for the Bearclaw Special.

Frets were lightly polished with 1000 grit sandpaper. Since it’s a richlite fingerboard, I had to make sure I don’t sand the fingerboard.



To save time, I wrapped the sandpaper around a battery and do 2-3 frets at a time. A few passes will do. No need for gorilla strength sanding here unless you want to mess up with the crowns of the frets.

The nut height seem OK so let’s clean it up and put in some pencil lead. Oh, then again the black TUSQ is self-lubricating. haha.

I straightened the neck a lil bit here. A quarter turn did the job.

Lastly saddle height has to be lowered. As usual, the stock Martin action is about 1/8 inch at 12th fret capo on 1st. So the aim here is to bring it down to 3/32 inch. Our good friends here are the wooden board and 100 grit sandpaper.


Very useful tip here. Use only new fresh sandpaper. These things don’t cost much so don’t waste time and hurt your fingers by using old sandpaper.

OK, I brought the action to just a tiny tiny hair over 3/32 inch. The thing about Martins is that the neck angle doesn’t allow for much lowering. Any lower, you’d either lose tone/volume or hear some buzzing.

Restrung with owner’s choice of Medium gauge Martin FX strings.

Cleanup up, and we’re good.

McBaby was intrigued as it’s her first time overseeing Guitarbear’s project. 🙂




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