Taylor GS Mini Koa – Koa point of entry?

In late 2014, Taylor introduced the GS MIni Koa as part of their Fall Limited Editions.


As the name implies, this iteration of the GS mini features a solid koa top and layered koa back and side.


The great thing about koa is that each set of wood is unique. Some can be streaky like sapele while some are highly figured like flamed maple. To many guitar lovers, just admiring the wood is reason to buy this.



The GS Mini has garnered many fans since its introduction and the new release set the grey and resale markets crazy in Singapore. At the height of the madness, the GS Mini Koa was listed as high as $1300 on local guitar classifieds.


Of course this is also due to the fact that koa is usually found in higher end models of any guitar maker. We’d all struggle to name any guitars at this price point to feature a solid koa top.


These days, our good folks at Sinamex has been able to bring in stocks retailing at $895 (at time of this blog post), so collectors do not need to spend crazy inflated prices to get one. Wait time can be long but paying high premium is never a wise thing.


Word from Sinamex is that the next shipment will arrive in June. The new guitars will be shipped with the ES2 pickup system at no extra cost. Makes Guitarbear wonder if it’s finally time to get it. 🙂

*photos from Taylor Guitars, ginoguitars.com, Music Zoo, fullersguitar.com, derringersmusic.com.au and Shoreline Music.


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