Ernie Ball Music Man James Valentine

A new collaboration between James Valentine and EBMM led to this new looking design dubbed the Valentine.


Features an ash body with roasted maple neck, the guitar is topped off with a single coil bridge pickup and humbucker at the neck.

In the product video, James Valentine also mentioned the switch at volume knob which also turns the guitar into active mode.

The interesting looking hardtail is quite pleasing to the eye.


Roasted maple seems like a great idea for players who dislike the stickiness that builds up on finished wood. The wood is literally heated in the process and no finish is required.

slide-61 (1)

And there’s the EBMM signature headstock with its 4-2 configuration. Here you can see the birds eyes on roasted maple. I’m assuming that’s James Valentine’s autograph.

slide-61 (2)

Comes in four colours – Natural Satin, Trans Maroon (clever!), Trans Black and Trans Buttermilk.




These are neat looking guitars.

*photos from Ernie Ball Music Man


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