The useful gig bag

We start June with a tip on how to store your guitars.


While the hardcase is considered the best protection for your guitars, it is the gig bag that is much more user friendly, providing easy access to your guitars, and at the same time, still protecting them. Gig bags have a smaller footprint so it is possible to free up more space, which leads to more guitars! 🙂

One thing I love most about gig bags is the ease of loading and unloading the guitar in a standing position. Unlike the hard case, you don’t have to lay it down to take out or put in the guitar. Mono is one great gig bag maker who understands this.


Not surprising to see so many musicians using their bags at gigs. Space is tight so no one brings a hard case to gigs. I don’t think any musician would want to forsake the comfy shoulder straps/padding and lug around a hardcase.


An extra tip, look for quality gig bags with neck rests for more protection. This is especially important for those expensive acoustics and Gibson LP/SG/ES where the headstock is angled.


Lastly, Guitarbear disagrees with leaving guitars out in the open. Those wall hangers/displays are sure to harm your guitars more than you’d think. Always keep the guitars in bags or cases when not in play.

*photos from, Mono and Fusion.


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