More new guitars from Epiphone Summer NAMM 2016

Adding on to the “1966” Archtop, Epiphone has also launched a wide range of new models for Summer NAMM2016.



Ltd Ed. Inspired by “1955” Les Paul Custom Outfit


This wonderful looking LP comes with gold hardware and two Gibson USA P90s. A neat looking brown hardcase and certs round off this exciting limited edition.

Estimated street price is US$799.

Read more:


Les Paul Traditional PRO-II


This one features active pickups for a 15DB boost, zebra humbuckers and many great colours to chooose from. The Ocean Blue shown above is just hot.

The Desertburst looks equally beautiful.


Estimated street price of US$499.


Les Paul Special VE


An entry level guitar from the same lineage as the LP Special II, these LPs have poplar instead of mahogany as body wood.

The Vintage Editions come with a slightly wider nut at 43mm. Should be popular given the very sensible street price of US$149. Guitarbear is very keen to get the one with walnut finish.


Read the full report on Epiphone website:


*photos from Epiphone


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