Martin Dreadnought Junior DJR2 Sapele

It had to happen sooner or later. The popular Dreadnought Junior now has a sapele sibling in its lineup.


Freshly announced at Summer NAMM 2016, the DJR2 is the sapele top model to the DJR launched in 2014. This should be a hit for players who prefer a more mellow tone. The Junior has proved to be a great value guitar, coming in under $1000 for a full solid Martin. The D JR2 will definitely continue the good sales set by the spruce model.

Martin has also revamped the catalogue a little to let buyers choose between pure acoustic guitars and Fishman Sonitone equipped guitars. So the new designations are D JR or D JR. E, and D JR 2 or D JR 2E. Confusing eh?  Price difference is about US$100. Let’s see when they will hit our sunny shores. 🙂

See official website:

*photo from Martin Guitars FB



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