Taylor GS Mini Koa first impressions

Finally succumbed to temptation and got this little guy home.


Nice grains and sapwood made him my choice. There were others with even crazier patterns like knots and flames, but I went with this.


The slightly bowled back requires no bracing. The back and sides of the GS Mini Koa are indeed a proprietary koa-poplar-koa sandwich. šŸ™‚


The light coloured part above the knobs is not maple binding. You’re really looking at the koa laminate with poplar core.

I replaced the stock mediums and went for lights. Not a good idea tone-wise, but comfort is very important for a noob like me. Light gauge probably lessens the widely reported danger of bridge lift on GS Minis.


Not sure if the terrificĀ setup was from factory or the in-house tech at the dealer, but low E was only 2/32 inch at 12th capo on 1st. That’s super low and honestly more suited to the stock mediums. I may look to a bone saddle at 5/64 inch.

The GS Minis have been very consistent. This guitar will not match a good solid top dread for volume, projection and richness, but it will blow away any baby sized guitar (Little Martin, Baby Taylor, etc).

Rainbow and Brownie were rushing to pose with the new family member.


Many thanks to Sinamex for bringing in this guitar so we don’t haveĀ to pay premiums on the grey market. Great service from the guys at the showroom too.



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