Gibson Flying V & Explorer Faded 2016 Limited Run

New limited edition guitars from Gibson. These are really interesting takes on the modernist shapes.


I grew up listening to Scorpions and these two shapes have been mainstays in Rudolf Schenker and Matthias Jabs’ arsenal.


The 2016 Faded models have that unstained mahogany bodies that gives this raw and unpolished look which adds to the character of the guitars. Retailing at US$1299, they make good purchases if you wish to add the iconic guitars to your collection.

Flying V Faded 2016


I’ve always felt Flying Vees with pickguard seem a lil too busy. With the more traditional models, you have an already small body and you cover most of it with a large pickguard. Perhaps that’s why we don’t see too many natural finished Flying Vees – not much wood to be seen anyway.


With this new launch, the rear routed and unstained mahogany body works really fine to give off that simple, raw and pure rock machine. Very cool. Other nice appointments include Grover tuners and Dirty Fingers pickups.


Explorer Faded 2016


While the banana looking headstock may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the explorer, in its various korina body iterations, has won many fans over.

Like the Flying V, this one is built mainly for rockstars who sling them low and cool. 🙂


Grover tuners and Dirty Finger pickups complete the fun package here.

It will be very nice to see these guitars reaching SG.

*photos from Gibson


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