July Giveaway – Guitarbear is ONE!

Special giveaway to celebrate Guitarbear’s first birthday.

7 July 2016

3 lucky readers will get a set of strings from me.

Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Email Guitarbear guitarbearSG@yahoo.com on 7 July with subject “July 2016”.
  2. Attach some photos of your favourite guitar. (Internet photos not allowed, own photos please)
  3. Tell me why your guitar is special. (Your first guitar, gift from spouse, lucky guitar, etc)
  4. I will reply your email your email to get your mailing address.
  5. I will send the strings to you. Mailing is on me. 

Choose either acoustic or electric strings. Sorry, these are rather cheapo strings, but that’s all I can afford to giveaway. 🙂

Acoustic 12-53 gauge


Electric 10-46 gauge


NOTE: I will choose the 3 lucky readers based on the pictures sent in and their stories told. Only emails coming in on 7 July will be considered. Open to Singapore and overseas readers. 

The email is GuitarbearSG@yahoo.com


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