Taylor Guitars 400 Series Rosewood

Taylor has added rosewood guitars to their 400 series.


This new line sees a gloss finish which sets it apart from the recent Spring  Limited Edition rosewood guitars with satin finish.

See blog post:


I suppose the increase comes mainly from the gloss finish. Comparing the 410-e R 2016 and Spring LTD 410e-R (Retail US$2658 vs US$2358). In fact, these new rosewood models represent great value considering the fact that you get rosewood in a lower tier of Taylor’s line up. No need to guess how much more costly the 700 and 800 rosewood guitars can be.



The 2016 410e-R (Retail US$2658)

The new 400 dreads are interesting because they have a 43mm nut. I know many collectors players often scorn at 43mm nut widths, but there are also players who appreciate a slimmer nut which is similar to electric guitars.

It’s a pity Taylor had to use white bindings for these new guitars. 😦

Read more on official website:


*photos from Taylor


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