Taylor GS Mini Koa Bone Saddle Upgrade

Did this bone saddle installation and setup last week for my Taylor GS Mini Koa. As mentioned in my first impression post, the setup was in fact a tad too low for my liking and more suited to the stock medium strings. So the plan was to put in a bone saddle (to replace the stock micarta) and have a slightly higher string action to suit my preferred light gauge.


This is the first time I’m using a Taylor factory part. I was quite happy to see the bone saddle available at our great local music store Swee Lee so I ordered one. The wave compensation in newer Taylor saddles are more aesthetically pleasing than the older B-compensated ones.


Here’s a shot of the stock micarta saddle. I’m pretty sure that older GS Minis have the B-compensated ones.


NOTE: It is important that you loosen the pickup sensors before removing the saddle. Use a 0.05 inch hex key to loosen it before taking out the saddle. 

It’s also worth noting that the newer Taylors have very snug fitting saddles. Nothing like those loose saddles found in lesser guitars. Well done Taylor!


Some sanding to make sure I get the correct saddle height. It’s kinda tricky here because I’m trying to avoid the buzzing at low action. The stock setup by Taylor was simply comfy and low 1/16 inch but probably unsuitable for light gauge or anything above moderate strumming.


Put in a set of ebony bridge pins too. Abalone dots. Not too shabby. 🙂

Pardon the “dirty” pencil marks on the saddle. It’s my cheapo method of lubrication.

Action is now slightly under 5/64 inch at 12th capo on 1. Wombat says OK!


Latte was quick to grab a shot together with Koby. 🙂


As with most other bone saddle upgrades,  there is more clarity coming from the guitar. Sustain has also improved a bit. Definitely a worthy upgrade!


2 thoughts on “Taylor GS Mini Koa Bone Saddle Upgrade

  1. Hey my name is Jose Ramirez . I have a Taylor gs mini mahagony (not as cool as your Koa but what ever lol) my gs mini has the old “nubone” saddle and I wanted to know , Would you sell me you’re micarta saddle ??


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