New Awesome Strat Day!

This came in earlier in the week all the way from Maryland USA. The excitement is still high and I wish I have more time and better playing skills for it.


Ok we know the brand. Name and address erased here.


Nice ABS case. Good materials used all round.



The Limited Edition Longboard Stratocaster! 


Awesome Awesome  Awesome guitar! Guitarbear has been deeply (badly) smitten by this bad boy and gave in to temptation again.


It’s got a multi-laminate body made of Ash, Walnut, Maple, Rosewood and Mahogany. FIVE types of wood. Would be nice to have Alder in here as well.


It’s got a hardtail and transparent rear cover to show off those pickups. Noiseless single coils for neck and middle, Shawbucker for bridge. I just LOVE guitars like this – natural, no pickguard, quirky. I love it.


Another look at the 5 types of wood. Hand-rubbed finish all over. Has a nice sheen but not sticky at all. Of course there are worries of the thin finish wearing out over time. We shall see. This guitar feels quite light too. Very comfy. The belly cut seems more curvy on this.


Headstock has this laser-etched logo. Very cool indeed.

Action out of the box was spot on. I may put on some 10-46 strings soon.


One more look at the handsome guy.


Sexy back.


Bob and Edward rushed to pose with the new guy.

It’s time for Guitarbear to brush up on playing. 🙂

Big thanks for Music Land for making this possible. Top notch service from these guys.




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