Takamine 2012 Ltd Ed “Michi”

Had this beautiful limited edition Takamine for Bearclaw Special last week.


Released in 2012, this black beauty is a Made in Japan model featuring a solid spruce top and solid rosewood back. Comes with the cool tube Takamine preamp system that sounds really nice and warm (but a tad too “visible” with the large control panel).

Here’s a file photo from Music Radar. 


Other luxurious appointments include stunning inlays on fretboard, headstock and pickguard, gold Gotoh tuners and abalone bindings.


This guitar is impeccably built with superb finishing and craftsmanship. Sounds very refined and controlled when strung with light strings. Zero harshness even when strummed with gorilla strength. Once again this showcased the fine craftsmanship by Japanese builders when you enter their high end guitars.


OK, the guitar was kinda dusty and coated with grime. No worries, Guitarbear can help.

Dead strings came off as we cleaned and nourished the ebony fretboard. To avoid ruining the beautiful inlay, I used this method – wrap 1000 grit sandpaper around a battery, gave each fret a few gentle passes. This ensures there’s no sanding on the fretboard itself.


Then apply lemon oil on the fretboard and bridge to moisturise the wood. Look at the beautiful vine inlay. WHOA. It’s as though there’s a layer of lacquer over it. I can’t be sure. I just didn’t want to ruin it.


Even the headstock inlay has the same level of detail and craftsmanship.


Here’s a look at the Gotoh tuners.


Let’s give the body a good clean and polish. New strings on. Pencil lead on nut slots.


Sorry for the poor quality photos, not easy to work with night indoor lighting and cheapo camera. 🙂 Well there’s reflection and no more dust and dirt. Shouldn’t be that bad.


Maurice and Murphy were happy to oversee this project.

More file photos here from Music Radar. 



Read the review from them:


*beautiful file photos from Music Radar, crappy original photos from Guitarbear


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