Fender Rustic Ash Tele joins the family

I caved in (again) and brought this home. Perhaps it was a bad decision to blog about the 2013 Rustic Ash series a few week back. I just couldn’t let the deal pass.


The Rustic Ash Tele is very light and comfy with that tummy cut found in newer American Standard guitars.


Here you can see the grains. Running my fingers along the guitar body, I can feel the grains too. I’m totally in love.


While the bend saddles and anodised aluminium pickguard may draw divided opinions, Guitarbear thinks you can’t really have everything in life. I must say that the “cold” feeling when your right hand comes in contact with the metal is quite unusual.


This is a really well-made guitar and the thin satin finish is just great. The neck is a nice modern C and I’m gravitating towards the 42.8mm nut width on these American Fenders.


Comes in a vintage style hardcase but I found something surprising. The case is made in Vietnam.


See the label that’s on the case.


The guitar sounds great in clean. It does have the Tele twang. I guess this makes a good pairing with my Strat. I still prefer the Shawbucker on my Strat for overdrive sounds.


Cookie came out to pose for a shot with the new family member. He’s telling me to keep this one. 🙂





New Taylor 214ce QM DLX

Taylor has just officially announced the arrival of their latest model in the 200 series.


After previous special editions of koa and rosewood deluxe models, the 214ce QM has laminated quilted maple for back and sides. Other premium appointments include diamond markers, white body binding, high gloss finish and wood truss rod cover.

The Expression System 2 comes standard here, as with most Taylor guitars. This also comes with a hardshell case as opposed to standard 200 series that come with hard bags.

Taylor-214ce-QM-DLX-bk-2016 (1)

The 214 QM has interesting aesthetics due to the matching maple neck. Quite special compared to the more usual mahogany/sapele necks found in lower end Taylors. Guitarbear reckons the maple may provide some tonal differences too.

See official website:


*photos from Taylor

Gibson Acoustics 2017

Gibson has officially unveiled their new acoustic guitars for 2017.


The notable additions are the HP series guitars which feature plenty of not-so-traditional Gibson design elements.

HP Series


HP 835 Supreme shown above

The HP series features slimmer bodies, cutaways and 16 inch radius fretboards as opposed to the 12 inch radius found in most Gibson acoustics.

The bridge designs are also new, very different from the traditional styles.


HP 635 W shown above

It is interesting to note that many models feature a 25.5 inch scale this time, a variation from the usual 24.75 that is most synonymous with Gibsons. Together with the 16 inch fret radius and onboard electronics, these guitars seem like a contenders to wrestle with the Taylor and Martin strummers.


Songwriter Cutaway Progressive


This one features individually adjustable saddles and G-Force tuners. Quite a radical approach on a classic Gibson design. Would be nice to find out how those adjustable saddles can improve things.

Read more on official website:


*photos from Gibson




Charvel Limited Edition Guthrie Govan Signature

Really cool Britannica Red Burst finish on this new Guthrie Govan Signature model.


Basically the same specs as the previous model but for the new finish. This one has a roasted maple fretboard which Charvel calls “caramelized”. I’m liking these new terms that seems to be the craze now.


It’s unlikely we’ll one here in SG but we can look forward to seeing it in action on Guthrie Govan videos.

See official site:


*photos from Charvel