Fender Rustic Ash FSR

Saw one of these in a local classifieds advert.

Released in 2013, this collection featured 4 really cool guitars.


The quartet of Strats and Teles get that special makeover in their ash bodies and rustic paintwork. The satin finish proudly shows off the ash grains. Fender rightly called this the “picket fence” look.


These guitars get an anodised aluminium brown pickguard with Texas Special pickups that ensure classic blues tone in the series.


The Teles get a belly cut as with many modern Teles in the Standard series.


Interesting takes on traditional Fender colours.

L – R: Olympic White, Surf Green, Sonic Blue and Honey Blonde

*The last (new) ones should still be available from local friendly store Swee Lee as we read this post.

*photos from strat-talk.com, cherylcrownews.com, pourlesmusiciens.com, mcbrain.jp



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