Yamaha LL16 ARE Bone Saddle Upgrade

Did a bone saddle upgrade on this LL16 a few weeks back.


This one is in the sunburst finish that gives off this vintage vibe.

Guitarbear simply cannot stop praising the L series. The 16 series get all solid construction and easily stand up to guitars many times their price.


The great looking 5-ply neck and relatively clean build are just pleasing to look at.


This particular guitar has the LR Baggs Anthem installed as the owner wanted an upgrade over the stock Yamaha Zero Impact passive piezo.

Let’s start with the Bearclaw Special. 

Took off the strings and worked on the fretboard. High grade steel wool and lemon oil are essential here. Can you see which frets just got that TLC from Guitarbear?


I gave the nut slots some pencil lead lubrication and cleaned/polished the guitar.

Getting the correct fit for bone saddle


These drop-in bone saddles (the one above!) have been really amazing. The Yamahas I have worked on generally sounded better with more clarity after the bone saddle upgrade. Of course we all have our own tonal preferences, so I cannot guarantee that everyone will share the same view.


Apart from getting the right saddle height, it is also important to do some fine adjustments to the correct fret radius and B string compensation. The wave compensation is seen above by the pencil markings.


OK! We got a good fit. Koala was happy to oversee this project.


Restrung with owner’s preferred strings and we’re good to go after sound check.


Miffy was quick to grab a shot with the guitar.


2 thoughts on “Yamaha LL16 ARE Bone Saddle Upgrade

  1. Nice I’m so close to pulling the trigger on this beast, I’m definitely going to upgrade the saddle and bridge pins with bone, I wonder if the stock nut is plastic too…I am really excited in reading so many mostly positive reviews about this guitar thanks


  2. Hello Roy, thanks for dropping by. I would think the stock nut is plastic just like the stock saddle.

    I don’t think anyone would be disappointed at the L16 series at this price point. Enjoy your guitar when you get it.


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