Line 6 New Spider V Amps

Line 6 have launched the latest generation of the Spider series modelling amps.


Featuring a more sleek silhouette than before, the fifth generation Spiders now has that waay cool looking LCD at the control panel.


The 4 new amps in the series are the 30W, 60W, 120W and 240W.

From the 60W upwards, you get wireless ready function when paired with Line 6 transmitters.


The 120W and 240W amps also carry XLR outputs for live use. Pretty cool amps here.


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*photos from,, and Line 6


Emerald Guitars – New website and pickups

Emerald has announced a new collaboration with LR Baggs shortly after their new website was launched.


Good news for those (like Guitarbear) who prefer acoustic pickups/preamps with minimal footprints – Emerald Guitars have partnered with LR Baggs and many models now have the option for the Element VTC System in their Emeralds.


As with most LR Baggs systems, you can only see the volume and tone controls rather discreetly at the soundhole. Emerald Guitars have quite rightly stated that this is a move to “future proof” their guitars. The thing about those ugly barn doors or huge battery boxes is that when your electronics fail, you’d have a hard time finding replacement units.

Read more from Emerald Guitars.

*photos from Emerald Guitars

PRS Private Stock 24 Fret McCarthy Singlecut

The September Guitar of the Month in their Private Stock 20th Anniversary, this bona fide blingy guitar is decked out in a glistening gold finish and all exotic woods.


Limited to 20 pieces, this one is inspired by Santana with its 24.5 inch scale and addition of a tremolo. Each guitar has 25-30 pieces of 23k gold leaves per top. Quite amazing stuff here.


The body is made of Africa ribbon mahogany topped with curly maple. The neck is figured mahogany while the guitar is bound with curly maple. To round things off, the fretboard and headplate are made of Madagascar rosewood. Wow. That’s a LOT of exotic wood indeed.


Special headplate inlays and gold bird inlays on fretboard. This is truly exquisite stuff.



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*photos from PRS Guitars


Music Nomad TUNE-IT

The first new product launched in the What’s New Wed series, this seems like a great product to prolong string life and improve playability.


The TUNE-IT is perfect for lubricating contact points such as the saddle and nut slots, reducing friction and leading to less string breakages. Very thoughtful if not innovative. 🙂


Music Nomad has defitnitely been coming up with some good stuffs. Guitarbear loves the Guitar ONE guitar polish and String Fuel for regular maintenance.


Read more on their Facebook page.


*photos from Music Nomad Facebook