Wipe your guitars after playing

We start September with a quick tip on preserving your guitars.


Simply wipe your guitar after each playing session with a soft cloth and your guitar will look better, less worn and cleaner over the months/years. Use a soft (and preferably lint-free) cloth and wipe off the dirt, body oil and sweat that build up as you play. This is especially useful to maintain the gloss on your guitars.

For the strings, run the cloth up and down the string lengths and you will get some extra string-life. Sweat, grime and oil are the biggest string killers so it’s always a good idea to wipe off these after each playing session.


Do you need to use any solvent or wax all the time? Well the answer is no. Just good ol’ soft cloth will do.


*photos from guitaradventures.com and guitaranswerguy.com


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