Now listening – Warpaint

Good to see them with their new album Heads Up.


BOSS New Pedals AD-2 and Cp-1x

New releases from BOSS as they update two of their most popular pedals.



This acoustic preamp features notch filter, acoustic resonance and ambience knobs to get that natural acoustic sound that every acoustic player wants.



Works with acoustic guitars as well, the CP-1X preserves tones and limits without the muddiness.

The AD-2 is an interesting pedal indeed.

*photos from BOSS.

Scorpions Live 21 Oct

It’s amazing to see these evergreen guys rocking the stage.


Lots of family outings going on as many fans brought along their spouses and children.

Guitarbear is loving the backdrop as they played Make It Real.


Klaus is simply unbelievable as he belted out the classics. Sure, he may have lost some power, but hey, try doing this when you’re 68.


Matthias soloing during Coast To Coast

Matthias and Rudolf played their iconic Flying Vs and Explorers throughout the concert. It seems like Rudolf has stopped playing the Ferrari and Mercedes guitars, while Matthias is evidently favouring the Galaxy 90 and the white stripes guitar.


New drummer Mikkey Dee looked energetic and wowed the crowd. It was also a class act by them to do a Lemmy tribute during the drum solo.

A pity they didn’t do Loving You Sunday Morning and Holiday (in full).

Thanks Scorpions.


Roland JC-22

New release from Roland. Billed as the ultimate home amp, the 30W stereo unit looks set to be popular among users who want a smaller amp for room practice.


Made to look like its bigger siblings, the JC-22 is a good looking piece of gear.


Will be interesting to see how this come up against may similar offerings from major amp manufacturers.

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*photos from Roland

TC Electronics New Pedals

OTC Electronics have rightly called their new launch a Smorgasbord of Tones.


There are 13 new pedals being introduced and they are classified in 4 categories.

Made for Rock n’ Roll


The overdrives and distortions come in 4 pedals – Rusty Fuzz, Grand Magnus Distortion, Cinders Overdrive and Fangs Metal Distortion.

It’s About Time


Three pedals here to take care of digital delay (The Prophet), analog delay  (Echobrain) and reverb (Skysurfer Reverb).

The Dynamics Duo


We got an analog compressor (Forcefield Compressor) and clean boost (Rush Booster) in this category.

Mountains of Modulation


4 Mods here include Blood Moon Phaser, Thunderstorm Flanger, Tailspin Vibrato and Afterglow Chorus.

Awaiting their arrival at local stores.

Read more at TC Electronics.

*photos from TC Electronics and Premier Guitar