New Fender Duo-Sonic and Mustang

Fender has officially released on the new Duo-Sonic and Mustang models on their website.


The new offset guitars come in 4 models – two Mustangs and two Duo-Sonics. Guitarbear can’t really tell much differences apart from the headstock and pickguard shape. These are essentially 24 inch scale guitars with string through bodies and 2-pickup configuration.




The new Duo-Sonic seems like mishmash of many Fender guitars. Single-coils from Strat/Tele, offset body from Jazzmaster, short-scale from Jaguar/Mustang, string-through hardtail from Tele and headstock from Strat.

Comes in 3 vibrant colours – Torino Red, Capri Orange and Artic White.


Duo-Sonic HS


The Duo-Sonic HS model comes with rosewood fingerboard and 3 classic Fender colours – Daphne Blue, Black and Surf Green.




The more familiar Mustang is reincarnated with two slanted pickups and maple fretboard. The large headstock seems like a standard with the Mustang and Jaguar guitars and that’s cool.

Comes in 3 colours – Olympic White, Black and Olive.


Mustang 90


Very interesting pickup selection here. The two P90s are similar to last December’s Limited Edition Shortboard Mustang. These guitars have rosewood fretboard.

The P90 model also comes in 3 colours – Olympic White, Torino Red and Silver.

These Mexican made guitars should be reasonably priced when they reach our sunny shores.

*photos from Fender and


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