Custom Soundport in Cort Earth 70

Got in a used Cort Earth 70 for this project.


Not sure how anyone can neglect a guitar this way. It pains Guitarbear to see guitars being mistreated.


Strings were done the wrong way round, with all that mess. Bridge pins were mangled, previous person obviously didn’t have the right tools or know-how to remove these.

No worries, Guitarbear can restore this one. It takes lots of tender loving care.

Bearclaw Special

Let’s start with the fretboard. Can you see the difference?





Lowering the action

Stock action was really high. I had to shave down the saddle a lil to get a playable action.


Big disclaimer here. DO NOT try this if you are not proficient or confident with power tools. You don’t want to risk injuries to your body or your guitar.ย 

Custom Soundport

First we get a good idea of where to have the soundport. Take many precise measurements to ensure that you don’t get it wrong. Otherwise, you may end up with an off-centre soundport.


Drilling a pilot hole


Remember to tape up the area to prevent chipping and cracking. This becomes the pilot for the hole saw later.

Hole saw the soundport


I use more tape here to protect the guitar surface. This is the real thing, brace yourself and DRILL.


Whoaaa… Messy! But it’s OK, we’re cleaning it up and it will be really nice.

Clean up and seal


Conical buffer to get a smooth edge. I wet the sponge first.


Work from grit 400 to 1000 sandpaper to get a nice smooth edge. Seal with lemon oil and guitar wax.



This the view I get when I play the guitar.

The soundport sort of becomes a monitor for the player. I can hear the sound that’s projected as the extra sound hole is facing me.


It’s quite therapeutic to see through the guitar as I play it.


This mischievous boy thought it’s a good idea for him to stay there.


What is he doing?? Thank goodness the edges are smooth as baby’s bottom. ๐Ÿ™‚

Clover tells me “Good job!”


Is this entry level guitar pretending to be high-end custom shop stuff? ๐Ÿ™‚



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