TC Electronics New Pedals

OTC Electronics have rightly called their new launch a Smorgasbord of Tones.


There are 13 new pedals being introduced and they are classified in 4 categories.

Made for Rock n’ Roll


The overdrives and distortions come in 4 pedals – Rusty Fuzz, Grand Magnus Distortion, Cinders Overdrive and Fangs Metal Distortion.

It’s About Time


Three pedals here to take care of digital delay (The Prophet), analog delay  (Echobrain) and reverb (Skysurfer Reverb).

The Dynamics Duo


We got an analog compressor (Forcefield Compressor) and clean boost (Rush Booster) in this category.

Mountains of Modulation


4 Mods here include Blood Moon Phaser, Thunderstorm Flanger, Tailspin Vibrato and Afterglow Chorus.

Awaiting their arrival at local stores.

Read more at TC Electronics.

*photos from TC Electronics and Premier Guitar

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