Fender Ltd Ed Robbie Robertson Last Waltz Strat

New Limited Edition Strat from Fender Custom Shop.


Features a unique bronze finish and that angled bridge humbucker for a HS pickup configuration.


Plenty of vintage vibes going around here from the 42mm nut to the 6-point tremolo.

Another good looking Strat by Fender.

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*photos from Fender


More concerts in 2017

While we were caught up in the Coldplay ticketing shock, a few more concerts have been announced for 2017.

Metallica 22 Jan 2017 


They’re performing on Sunday this time so more fans should be pleased.

Ticketing info:



Bryan Adams 20 Jan 2017


Good to have the Canadian classic act back in town.

Ticketing info:



*posters grabbed from SportsHub and eventfinda.sg

Blackstar ID:Core V2

The V2 generation ID:Core actually came in via Davis Guitar quietly a couple of months back. And now Blackstar has officially announced this on their website.


Cosmetically, it doesn’t seem like much of a change but there have been improvements by way of enhanced voicings, effects and software upgrades.

Based on Guitarbear’s short stint with the first gen ID:Core 20, the new amps should continue to impress and shake up the affordable practice amp market.

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*picture from Blackstar

Super Sale Events

UPDATE on 27 Nov

Citymusic has rolled out their annual year end sale too.



As we head for the weekend, it’s good to know there are some good deals out there.

1. Swee Lee Sale 26 & 27 Nov


This is the headliner for sure. I’m expecting some crazy overnight queues and fist fights over there. 🙂

2. Yamaha Year End Sale until Jan 2017


Plenty of good deals here. Gig bags are going at good discounts. And I must repeat, if you haven’t check the Yamaha L series, seriously, check them out.

3. Maestro Guitars Year End Sale until 31 Dec


No information on what’s on discount, so head down to the store if you’re thinking of getting something. These guys have really stepped up their game with all the premium tonewoods and craftsmanship, so it’s great if you can get a good deal.

*pictures from Yamaha, Swee Lee and Maestro

Taylor GS Mini bone saddle upgrade

Did a bone saddle upgrade on this GS Mini Koa a few weeks back.


In case you’re wondering if I got the wrong picture, this is the special edition which sports a laminated koa body and spruce top. And I got to admit spruce top is my preference for acoustic tops. This one sounds more powerful than my koa top version. More comparison pictures later.

Bearclaw Special

Let’s give the GS Mini some TLC.


Can you tell which part just got some lemon oil and 0000 steel wool? These days I end off with a layer of Dr Duck’s Ax Wax. That thing is awesome.

Gave the nut slots some pencil lead too.

Preparing the guitar

The guitar came to me with high action due to high saddle and some swelling. I had to dehumidify it for two days before I started work.

Final shaping to the bone saddle

I use the Taylor factory part bone saddle. It looks better with that wave compensation and it’s so easy to work with. Just very minor tweaks and it’s good.


Some sanding and fine-tune to ensure it’s a good fit.


OK, nice looking wave compensated bone saddle. Gave it a good overall clean and polish and it’s ready to go back to the owner.

Some notes to ponder, I restrung the guitar with 12-53 gauge (Elixirs of course) to prevent the top and bridge from lifting. Owner was receptive to the idea despite the loss of volume.

We had some time to take a few pictures with the koa buddy.


They look happy to be posing together.


A pair of sexy backs here. I have to be honest about this – the crisp, clear attack of the spruce top is really nice. Winner.


Roger was my assistant for this project. Here he is smiling away again. 🙂